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Thankfulness and Trust

Thankfulness and Trust Beginning in Numbers chapter 11 and reading through chapter 15 we notice how the Israelites complained, cried, wept, were ungrateful, murmured, were disbelieving and disobedient. The same could probably be said of the people of our society, … Read More

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Blame & Credit

Blame or Credit? When insurance companies speak of hail damage, flooding waters and tornadoes as acts of God, what are they telling us? When people weep beside their loved ones’ graves, why do they make the statement as Job did: “the … Read More

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Please Like Me!

Question of Liking Girls ask themselves this question. Guys ask the same thing too. Movie stars ask this question. First grade teachers ask it as well. This question greatly troubles some individuals, while others don’t struggle with it too much. … Read More

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In God We Trust – Or Not

In God We Trust – Or Not If you’re a Facebook user, chances are pretty good that every few months you see one of those chain messages being passed around about how newly-minted American money is going to remove “ … Read More

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