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Jesus’ Response to Tragedy As bullets ring out and bombs go off, whether it be in Paris or an American school, our nation temporarily pauses as we tune in for details, and share our emotions on social media. Twitter and … Read More

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Tragic We regret to inform you . . .” are the words that no parent or loved one wants to hear. Often times such words are followed by tragic and terrible news such as the injury or death of someone … Read More

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Innocent to Suffer

Why Does God Allow The Innocent To Suffer? When an innocent child suffers and then dies, such as with the case of David and Bathsheba’s first child (2 Samuel 12:13-24), the parents are often given sympathetic answers from people who … Read More

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Job 2:7-13

Please open your Bibles to Job 2:7-13. Vs. 7-8 – Satan unleashes his second sortie against Job afflicted Job with a terrible disease. From the various descriptions of Job’s condition in the book (Job 2:8; 7:4-5; 13:14; 13:28; 16:16; 16:8; … Read More

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