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Heart to Tongue

FROM THE HEART TO THE TONGUE The tongue is a marvelous complex instrument with several functions. It used as a sense organ, containing about 9000 taste buds which distinguish between different flavors such as bitter, salty, or sweet things.  It … Read More

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A Wise Tongue

Be Careful What You Say From the foolish vow of Jephthah to Samson’s riddle revealed to his wife in Judges 11–15 we are reminded of the importance of thinking before we speak. One of my father’s favorite saying (I thought … Read More

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Fools, Speech, & Tongue

Fools and their Speech “Ihay, I maay a oolfay nday I aysay Oolishfay ingsthay!” It sure would be nice if all people who were engaged in foolish actions or speech would automatically speak in only Pig Latin. Immediately, the choice … Read More

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