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Fret Not

Fret Not Sometimes in our walk with the Lord we struggle simply because we do not understand the adversity that comes into our lives. It is not that we are about to lose our faith or leave the Lord. It … Read More

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Are You Stressed? How do we define stress?  Oh, the house mortgage is late, there’s no food in the cabinet, clothes are wearing out or shrinking on your children, everyone’s calling wanting something while all in all, you feel like … Read More

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I Will Give You Rest The world cannot understand Americans. Considering all of our society, Americans have the greatest prosperity and highest standard of living known in any sizable society on earth. In fact, history has never known a sizable … Read More

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Worry and Stress

For several weeks, I have been following the incident of Julian Assange, whom the Ecuadorian embassy has granted asylum for crimes that he has committed in Sweden, as well as the United States. However, the problem for him is that … Read More

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