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Fools, Speech, & Tongue

Fools and their Speech “Ihay, I maay a oolfay nday I aysay Oolishfay ingsthay!” It sure would be nice if all people who were engaged in foolish actions or speech would automatically speak in only Pig Latin. Immediately, the choice … Read More

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Civility and Censorship

During the Rush Limbaugh radio show a comment was made by a caller that civility is a term the leftist individual and government equate to censorship. This statement has a lot of truth to it. There are not only examples … Read More

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Speech and Character

Paul’s “Southern Accent” and Peter’s “Northern Accent” Over the years, I have often been teased about my southern accent. While it is not as pronounced as it once was, I realize that when I speak a common question is, “Where … Read More

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You’ve Got a Big Mouth

Has anyone ever said that to you?  If so, I’m guessing that you didn’t take it as a compliment.  How could you?  It insinuates that you have spoken something that is unacceptable (perhaps you told a lie, betrayed a confidence, … Read More

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