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Little, Big, and Full Grown Sins

“Little” Sins, “Big” Sins and Full Grown Sins Sometimes we mistakenly think of the magnitude of sins in a wrong way. We talk of “little” sins as being those which really do not “count” because they seem so innocent when … Read More

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Baptism for Forgiveness?

Baptism: Necessary For Forgiveness Of Sins, Or Because Sins Have Already Been Forgiven? There is much confusion and division in Christendom about the subject of baptism. Professed followers of Christ disagree over its definition.  (Is it pouring, sprinkling, or immersion?  … Read More

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Family Trouble?

Family Trouble The New Year’s holiday is a time for family, friends, and reflection. Many families spend the holiday season on the road, traveling to parent’s or sibling’s homes. Blow-up mattresses or sofa beds are pulled out for the children, … Read More

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