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Is Satan an Angel?

Does Isaiah 14:12 and Revelation 9:11 Imply the Devil was an Angel? How do the passages Isaiah 14:12 and Revelation 9:11 affect the answer you gave about Satan being a fallen angel? Please explain what Isaiah 14:12-17 is referring to. … Read More

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Revelation 4-5

Edification From Revelation: “Worthy Are You…” (Chapters 4-5) Revelation has always been a book we understandably hesitate to study, considering that the book was “signified” (Rev. 1:1), i.e., written in symbolic language that is difficult to understand and of which … Read More

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Remembering a Dream!

Remembering a Dream I had a dream.  Most nights I have dreams.  The dreams do not always stick in my morning recollection, they seem to vanish with the dawn.  However, this dream or set of dreams I do remember.  They were … Read More

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