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Religious Unity? (Part 1)

Is There a Way to Religious Unity? (Part 1) Many among those who profess to be Christians speak favorably about seeking for unity. Even among those who are leaders of religious movements rhetoric is often heard, even though some councils … Read More

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Easter Surprise

Easter Surprise Ah, the incredible inconsistencies one has to try to make at least some sort of sense of when seeking to follow man-made religions! How much simpler and easier life would be for all of us if we all … Read More

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Man-made Religion

Manmade Religion We live in a world with a lot of different religions.  Depending on who one asks or where they are, questions on religion will produce a wide variety of answers.  There are some stark differences between Christianity and … Read More

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Religion a Taboo?

Should Religion Be a Conversation Taboo? We’ve all heard the proverbial wisdom, “There are two things you should never discuss:  politics and religion.”  Admittedly, the reason this advice is often because these two topics tend to cause heated arguments, as … Read More

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