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Major Issues

Major Issues The Christian family in America, (and I suspect abroad), has major issues! I do not say this in a judgmental way, but rather to point out something that I have observed. When I started preaching, I knew there … Read More

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People Problems

People Problems Check your bible. The Lord’s church in first-century Rome certainly had its challenges. So did the church in Corinth – there’s were colossal, widespread, and very well-documented in God’s eternal record. The first-century congregations of Christ’s church in … Read More

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Are You Suffering?

Suffering?  Don’t Give Up! There is not a single person that has not endured human suffering. It seems that some people go through more than their share of suffering, but such is the normalcy of life. Many of us have … Read More

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Big Problem?

How Big is Your Problem? No one ever said that life would be easy. From infancy nothing seems to go right. We are seemingly placed in a crib where we must cry endlessly, awaiting someone to notice that we are … Read More

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