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What is Your Goal?

Pursuing Your Goals? As an avid Ohio State Buckeyes fan I was delighted that “we” won the National Championship last Monday night against the University of Oregon. In a three game stretch the Buckeyes shutout the Wisconsin Badgers 56 – … Read More

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Looking Toward Heaven

I’m Looking Forward to It Robert had a good job, though it was very demanding.  As a younger man he didn’t mind the long hours away from home, but he was now nearing retirement and the stress of the job … Read More

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Can You Locate Your Heart?

Everybody knows that their heart is on the left side of the body, for when the National Anthem is heard, our hand is placed over the heart as a sign of devotion to this land. It is likely that few … Read More

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Christians and Politics

Christians and Politics It seems as though every single November the question comes up about Christians and politics. While there weren’t very many major elections this year, there were still a number of votes taking place from coast to coast … Read More

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