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On Being Offended

On Being Offended We just “love” to be offended in our society.  Look around and see the great lengths to which we go to avoid offence: privacy policies, anti-religious judgments, racial tensions, anti-police demonstrations, economic protests, law suits.  We don’t … Read More

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Hurt Feelings?

What Happens When You Get Offended It happens to any human that lives to be the age of ten. Sooner or later someone is going to hurt your feelings. Maybe they make fun of something you are wearing. Or a … Read More

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Offended by Hell?

Are you offended by hell? Biblical Truth Always Offends… Those Who Refuse To Follow It… If you’re a faithful gospel preacher then you’ve probably heard it. If you haven’t, and you remain a faithful gospel preacher, then you almost certainly … Read More

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Offending and Being Offended (Part 2)

Last week we noted that an offence is when we cause someone to be upset or troubled through our actions or words whether justified or not. We also noted the following: 1) we ought to live lives void of offence … Read More

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