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What is that to You Sometimes I think children tend to believe that their parents are unfair to them (whether they are or not). A classic example might be when one child is told to go to bed while their … Read More

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Obedience and Jesus

Jesus, Traditions and Obedience I find it remarkable that some have thought that Jesus’ rebuke of the devotion of the Jewish leaders to their traditions minimizes the importance of obedience. It is true that He had little regard for the … Read More

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Numbers and Faith

Just this past week I heard from a young preacher who is planning to step down from his position at a small congregation because he feels that he has not been successful in that role. Why? Numbers! The congregation averages … Read More

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A Heart for Devotion

Do You Have a Heart for Devotion? Someone once said, “I know that we are expected to keep the Lord’s commandments, but I have a hard time wanting to.  It just seems to take too much effort to be a … Read More

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