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Saving the Family

Saving the Family How often have you heard it? You set up a bible study with someone whose whole family heritage and background is steeped and rooted in many of the foreign-to-scripture, false and misleading doctrines of man-made denominationalism. But … Read More

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Sin Lies!

The Deceitfulness of Sin So, what sins tempt you? Alcohol? The tongue? Pornography? The love of money? Gambling? What makes these things so enticing? Is it the throwing up and hangovers that come from a bottle? The divided homes that … Read More

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The Father of Lies

Lies – Putting out Fires You’ve heard about the Noah movie, with all its inaccuracies and the complete misrepresentation of both God and Noah. You’ve probably heard about the “Jesus’ wife” fragment, that single tiny writing from hundreds of years … Read More

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