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LA MUERTE DEL TRAIDOR Mucho se ha dicho con respecto a la muerte del traidor más grande de todos los tiempos (Judas).  El N.T cita unas 15 veces aproximadamente el nombre Judas Iscariote sin embargo también podemos leer indirectamente en … Read More

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Judas: Betrayer or Confidant?

Judas: Betrayer or Confidant? Skeptics and atheists have unleashed yet another assault on Christianity. Just days after proclaiming that maybe Jesus walked on ice instead of water, we are now asked to believe that the betrayer of Jesus was a … Read More

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Judge Isaac Parker hanged 79 men for their crimes against humanity in the years  1875 to 1896.  He was a kind and just judge once stating “in the uncertainty of punishment following crime, lies the weakness of our halting justice.”  … Read More

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