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Chosen There was no one – and I mean absolutely NO ONE in the entire universe – who had it as incredibly good as God’s Old Testament people Israel. Moses reminded them of that yet again in Deuteronomy 4:7 when … Read More

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Dispensational Premillenialism: Land Promise Unfulfilled?

Dispensational Premillenialism: Land Promise Unfulfilled? This examination focuses itself on eschatology, the unfolding of events in “end times”.  I suggest to you we are indeed in the “end times, latter days, last days” (Isaiah 2:2, Micah 4:1, Hebrews 1:2).  The … Read More

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The Importance of Pegs

Let Me Be a Peg There are verses in the Bible which seem so strange to us because we do not understand the culture when they were written. For example, Peter going “up on the housetop to pray” (Acts 10:9) … Read More

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Relationship with God

Relationship with God When you come to the end of the of the Chronicles of the kings of Israel and Judah you also come to the end of the Hebrew Bible. And while there is still much to learn from … Read More

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Una Copia de Israel

Una Copia de Israel Uno de los pasajes más ignorados es Romanos 15:4. El pasaje enfatiza que las cosas que se escribieron antes para nuestra enseñanza se escribieron. El problema aquí en la gran mayoría de los casos pasamos por … Read More

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