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The Turning Heart

“…Whose Heart Turneth Away…” The book of Deuteronomy is a series of discourses from Moses shortly before his death to the second generation of Israel (remember that the first generation died in the wilderness) before they enter the Promised Land … Read More

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A Heart for Devotion

Do You Have a Heart for Devotion? Someone once said, “I know that we are expected to keep the Lord’s commandments, but I have a hard time wanting to.  It just seems to take too much effort to be a … Read More

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Deborah: Resolves of Heart

Great Resolves of Heart It was a time of war.  Israel had been oppressed by the Canaanite King, Jabin, for twenty (20) years.  Jabin’s right hand man, Sisera, had nine hundred chariots of iron (Judges 4:2-3).  With so many chariots, … Read More

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The Heart

Can You Locate Your Heart? Everybody knows that their heart is on the left side of the body, for when the National Anthem is heard, our hand is placed over the heart as a sign of devotion to this land. … Read More

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