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Gospel Meeting

Coming to Every Service of the Gospel Meeting The gospel meeting with Preacher Truth begins this Sunday, and it seems so appropriate to emphasize the importance of every member being present for every service. This has nothing to do with … Read More

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What Kind of Preaching?

What kind of preaching is needed by the church? Do the Lord’s people need to hear dissertations on Chinese proverbs written by Confucius? Not unless they are simply used to illustrate a scriptural point. Is preaching on the ‘pet peeves’ … Read More

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Why the World Needs the Gospel

The world needs the gospel, but most, including professing Christians, don’t even know that they have such a need.  They operate upon the atheistic ethical principles taught to them in public schools: the end justifies the means.  As a result, … Read More

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What is Evangelism? What exactly is evangelism? What involvement must we as individual Christians have, if any, with regards to evangelism? It is the purpose of this brief lecture to define what evangelism is and how it applies to our … Read More

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Three Men Hear the Gospel

In 1 Corinthians 2 and 3 the apostle Paul mentions three types of people to whom the gospel is preached: 1. The Natural Man (2:14): this one is exposed to the gospel of Christ – but rejects it. 2. The … Read More

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