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Hate The Evil and Love The Good

Hate The Evil and Love The Good  – Amos 5:12-15 As God began to prepare to bring judgment upon the Northern Kingdom of Israel He tried to prepare them through the prophet Amos. He asked them to consider how they … Read More

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Cornelius Many think morality will save them.  But, we read of the good man, Cornelius, who was morally good, but he was not a Christian and therefore, not saved.  Cornelius was a Roman centurion of Caesarea in Palestine and one … Read More

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Only God is Good

The Scariest Verse in the Bible Humanism can be defined as a system of thought that rejects religious beliefs and centers on humans, their values, capacities, and worth. It is a belief system that places humans at the top. In … Read More

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Good Deity is Jesus

These is None Good, but God Only two men in the Bible are described as good men, Joseph of Arimathea and Barnabas. However, there is that account of the ruler who came to Jesus and asked Him, “Good Master, what … Read More

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