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Spirit of Fear?

Spirit of Fear? Paul’s last letter was to Timothy, Paul’s son in the faith and a younger preacher who had been the apostle’s companion. Read the following words carefully, and discover a problem many Christians face. “God has not given … Read More

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Fear: Scared and Alone

I’m Scared and I’m Alone One Sunday, a group of Christians from our church went to knock on some doors in a local neighborhood.  My partner was a wonderful young man who was energized by a recent campaign that our … Read More

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Sin and Fear

The Fellowship of Sin and Fear After the children of Israel cross the Jordan River they embark on their militaristic campaign to conquer the Promised Land. God delivers Jericho into their hands and warns them that they are not to … Read More

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Fear Not

Fear NOT In a portion of First Peter 2:17, Peter simply said, “Fear God.” God has demanded reverential, godly fear throughout the ceaseless ages of time (Deut. 10:12; Eccl. 12:13). Fear is a very powerful, motivating force. It has caused … Read More

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