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Pleading for Mercy

Pleading for Mercy Righteous Daniel, minister of kings and faithful servant of the Almighty God, perceiving that the seventy years of his people’s captivity was coming to an end, and knowing that this captivity had been the judgment of God, … Read More

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DIVISION, O  DIVIDIENDO? La tremenda confusión en la que se encuentran todas las denominaciones es impresionante. Sin embargo tales cortinas de humo no deberían de empañar el panorama en las Iglesia de Cristo (1Co 14:40). Lamentablemente el numero de Iglesias … Read More

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The Same Doctrine

Can’t We All Just Get Along? Have you ever wondered why there are so many different churches in the world?  The reason for this is because not everyone believes the same things when it comes to the doctrine of Christ. … Read More

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