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Standing Up

Stand, Defend, Prepare In 1 Chronicles 21:1 we read a chilling state-ment, “Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David…” Because David gave in to the temptation of Satan God was “displeased” and “smote Israel” (v. 7). To David’s credit … Read More

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Defend Your Faith

Defend Your Faith, You Cannot Defend What You Do Not Know “…knowing that I am set for the defense of the Gospel.” Phil. 1:17 Walking through the Atlanta airport I had the opportunity to walk along-side three individuals dressed in … Read More

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Response to a Debate Request

A Preacher’s Response to a Debate Request Question: Dear church of Christ preacher; would you be willing to defend your apparent views of the necessity of baptism for salvation’s sake in open public debate with another local church leader from, … Read More

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