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Does Creation Matter?

From Slime to Silk Suits Thirty-thousand feet up in the air is not the “normal” place to be discussing the origins of humans, but on this particular occasion, that is exactly what was being discussed. Having explained my occupation, the … Read More

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The Science is Infallible

The Science is Infallible Almost every congregation has them. Some are very vocal and do all they can to teach their views and recruit more “disciples.” Others rarely share their true beliefs, occasionally keeping their real feelings from their family … Read More

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Lessons in Psalms

Lessons in Psalms The words of the psalmist are so remarkable, for they allow us to see the heart of David. One can write historical narratives or present intellectual reasons for some aspect of truth without his soul being involved. … Read More

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The Creation Accounts

The Harmony of the Creation Accounts To man who has concluded by reason that God exists, there are no more beautiful words than Genesis 1:1.  The comfort such a man has knowing that not only does God exist but that … Read More

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