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Fickle and Unfaithful

Fickle and Unfaithful “In the second half of the book of Numbers we continue to see the age-old struggle of mankind striving against God’s will. The children of Israel have defeat snatched from the hands of victory as they call … Read More

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MALTRATO ANIMAL En este pasado mes de Marzo del año 2016, los medios de comunicación han publicado un espantoso video de unos jóvenes arrestando a una tortuga viva con su automóvil del lado del caparazón a lo largo de una … Read More

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Balaam In Numbers 22-24, the biblical record focuses on a character named Balaam. For most people, this section of scripture poses a problem in understanding the character of this strange and interesting man. Thus, to introduce some profitable lessons that … Read More

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