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Thanksgiving Pilgrims

Thanksgiving Pilgrims As America prepares in anticipation of yet another annual Thanksgiving celebration, I could not help but consider some of the parallels between the birth, growth, struggles and direction of this country, as compared to the birth, growth, struggles … Read More

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Moral Convulsion in America

“Domestic Convulsion” The Founders of the American Republic were well-informed, educated, intelligent men. When it came to establishing a republic, they did their homework. They familiarized themselves with history and grasped the principles and lessons to be learned from the … Read More

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Good Stewardship in America

Good Stewardship “Courage is being scared to death…. but saddling up anyway.” Good stewardship by the United States Government (“We the People”) is failing miserably. Good stewardship is at the heart of Biblical expectation. Therefore, as a Christian Nation enjoying … Read More

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