Young Missionary

Young Missionary

He was a young missionary just beginning the work where he would serve the Lord for the next forty years. He had grown up in a small rural town and the “world” was the changing all around him. There was simply no way he could envision what lay ahead for him.

Dreaming of serving God.

Dreaming of serving God.

Now he sat in an amazing aircraft capable of navigating over thousands of miles and taking him back to the land filled with lost souls looking for Jesus. He thought first of the plane and then thought of something far greater. He penned these words which I have kept for many years.

Today I flew across this land,
In a powerful jet I made the span.

There I thought—how great the man
Who made this plane to rise and land.
To ride above the clouds so full
T’was a thrill for a man like me.

This machine in which I rode
Was a wonder to behold.
With wings so wide from side to side,
Through the air man made it glide.

And as I looked from windows high,
I saw the earth, the land, the sky.
Men like me had made this plane,
But who had made those clouds to rain?

Who had made the land so green?
The mighty river and the spring?
Who made the dust in that wind to blow?
Who made the mountains capped with snow?
The fish to swim in the creek below?
Who made the sky through which we fly?

No man could make these things to be;
No man or men like you and me.
There is no God , the fool has said;
And yet another, that God is dead.

But in that great Book from which I’ve read,
Is recorded what God has truly said.
How He made these things to be
And from the dust created me.

I wanted to share these words with you. The rhyme and the meter might not be the best, but there is no way to find fault with the heart and the soul of this young missionary and his dream to serve God. Thank you, Robert Martin.

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