You are Able

You are Able

You are able.  You are capable.  You can do good.  You can choose to do right.  Rush Limbaugh, as the center of his instruction to America, continually expressed his optimism about his fellow citizens.  He humbly would speak of his own failures.  Yet, he became a great success, an icon, a blessing to America as a compass for battling evil.  He wasn’t perfect.  However, he recognized God and that fact that all he enjoyed in life was given by the hand of God.  Rush did good.  He reached out with kindness to multitudes.  He praised his fellow Americans who chose to do the same.  He believed in us.  He encouraged everyone in seeking individual success.  The God of all things, above and below, seen and unseen, has this same desire for you and believes in you.

able capable optimist

You can do what is right! You can be victorious!

God put man on this earth and gave him dominion over it all (Genesis 1:26).  God didn’t give man this authority thinking man would be perfect.  God gave man this authority because He knew man would be able.  When man faltered, God gave them discipline, instruction, and direction to keep moving forward (Genesis 3).  This pattern is seen throughout the Old Testament in God’s dealings with Israel and other nations (Jeremiah 18:7-10).  They failed.  They failed a lot!  Yet, he continually called upon them to change their ways and do right.  God believed in the ability of man to seek him out and obey his direction.

The God of the New Testament is the same God of the Old Testament.  His faithfulness to man has never wavered.  He longs for our success.  He sent His son Jesus, not only to free man from the captivity of their sin, but to provide an example for his creation in how to walk.  God provided His Holy Spirit to enable inspired men to write the holy pages of the Bible and give verbal instruction for mankind while they lived (Acts 2, 2 Peter 1:20-21).  God presented a pattern of salvation in His Word and entrusted all of mankind with His plan for their destiny.  God believes in mankind and their ability to do good, so fully, that he entrusted them with the responsibility of saving the souls of all creation (Matthew 28:18-20).  What a scary thought!  How terrifying to know the great responsibility God has given to His Children.  He knows we will struggle! (Romans 3:23)  He strengthens us and affirms we can overcome (Philippians 4:13, I Corinthians 10:13).  He knows we can succeed.

I am thankful for the many examples and leaders God has provided in my life.  Decades spent listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio, television, and even to his written words have made me a better person.  Rush was an optimist.  He wanted us to be the same.  I am thankful for every person who in the pulpit or outside of it has trusted in the Word of God, so much so, that they thought there was hope for me.  They hold hope and optimism for the days of mankind to choose to do right.  They believe in God who believes in us.  Let us hold the same banner up high and light the way for others.

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