Would You Recognize Him?

Would You Recognize Him?

Have you ever been somewhere and seen someone you knew, but because they were the last person you ever expected to see in that particular place or under those particular circumstances, you completely failed to recognize them? That happened more than once with Jesus’ disciples when it came to Him.

From Matthew 14:22-33 and Mark 6:45-51, we learn that Jesus had sent His disciples away so that He could have some time to pray. A terrible storm arose and threatened to sink the little boat that they were in. After their straining at the oars for hours, fighting the storm throughout the night, in the early pre-dawn hours Jesus came to them walking on the water. At first they didn’t recognize Him. (Let’s face it, they did not expect to see anyone walking across the waves; would you?). In fact, Mark says something that might surprise many people. He writes that Jesus “would have passed them by” (vs. 48) – a strange statement indeed… unless of course one recognizes the reason why Jesus was there in the first place. He wasn’t there for Himself; He was there for them. Remember, it was He who made them get into the boat in the first place. He knew the storm was coming as well – He is God! So why this event anyway? Most likely because they had to have impressed upon them, their sheer helplessness to overcome and save themselves from such storms, versus His infinitely powerful authority over such storms, and His complete and total ability to save His disciples even in the very midst of all such.

From Luke 23 and 24 we learn that there had been a horrible political and spiritual upheaval; a terrible storm of chaos, controversy, and crucifixion,tearing through the very heart of Jerusalem. That Sunday afternoon, as a couple of His disciples were walking towards Emmaus, Jesus joined them, but they did not recognize Him. How could they have? He was the last person on earth they expected to see in that situation. After all, they knew He was dead – and as you read their report of that you can sense their sheer hopelessness due to it. However, when they finally did recognize and understand that it was Him that was there with them, their excitement could not have been greater! We see this same sequence repeated in other places with other disciples as well (Lk. 24:36-49; Jn. 20:11-29, 21:1-7): A storm-driven time of hope and despair, until Jesus is seen and recognized there!

As you walk through the Coronavirus or whatever other storm you may be experiencing today, don’t miss the all-powerful person, presence, authority and providence of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is there. And the sooner you see and recognize His presence, the sooner your joy and excitement will overpower your hopelessness and despair.

Have you seen Jesus My Lord?

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