What’s Your Plan?

What’s Your Plan for Today?

Our experiences in life teach us one thing—very few things in our lives work out as we plan them. In fact,  few of the plans for a single day become reality. This can be so frustrating, but take a look at the life of Paul. Look as his plans, and then look at what happened. Then, consider how Paul’s faith made it easy for him to deal with these events.

Paul’s Original Plans

For many years, Paul had wanted go to Rome. He had made plans for this to happen, but it just was not happening (Rom. 1:13; 15:22, 23). So, in Romans chapter fifteen, he wrote the church there and told them of his plans.

·   He would first go to Jerusalem to see the church.

·   He would deliver the contributions from the Gentile churches to the poor saints.

·   He would then go to Rome to spend time with them.

·   He would then go to Spain to preach there.

Paul’s Plans Changed Drastically

The book of Acts shows what actually happened. Paul was headed toward Jerusalem and wrote Romans shortly before the events in Troas and the meeting with the Ephesian elders (Acts 20). He arrived in Jerusalem and delivered the contribution from the Gentile saints (Acts 21:17-19). He was aware of the persecutions which would confront him and begged the Roman Christians to pray for his deliverance (Rom. 15:30-32). However, his original plans changed drastically. The Jewish mob attacked him and any hope of his leaving for Rome were crushed. For over two years, he was imprisoned in Jerusalem and Caesarea. He finally went to Rome but only after he appealed and was granted permission to be tried before Caesar.

The Blessings of “Foiled” Plans

Look at all that happened because Paul’s plans were changed.

·  He was able to preach to the Sanhedrin, the  Jewish ruling body in Jerusalem.

·   He was able to preach to Felix and Festus.

·   He was able to preach and almost convert Agrippa  the king the Jews.

·   He was able to appear before and preach to Nero.

·  He was able to introduce Christianity to the powerful palace guards, who in Augustus’ days numbered 10,000 (Phil. 1:13).

There is no divinely appointed plan for your life. Make your plans just like Paul did, and then leave all that happens in the hands of God. Do not forget Paul’s original plans, and then see something far better which happened. Live by faith and trust God for all the unknown future!

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