What is Personal Work?

What is Personal Work?

1.      It is discussing the truth with a friend or neighbors either at your home of their home.

2.      It is giving someone you know a gospel tract.

3.      It is telling your neighbor about the happiness you have found in Christ.

4.      It is inviting the mailman, the plumber or someone else to attend services with you

5.      It is picking up your phone to inquire about some member that has not been in services for awhile.

6.      It is setting up a regular Bible study in your home.

7.      It is going from house to house inviting everyone to worship.

8.      It is diligence in inviting friends to Gospel Meetings, etc.

9.      It is feeling the need to help the lost understand their need of Christ.

10. It is using your automobile to bring friends to services of the church.

11.    It is consciously serving and glorifying God.

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