I was exiting I-95 at the Blue Heron exit and waiting for the light to change when I saw it. There were 17 UPS trucks heading west with packages to be delivered all over town. Their day was just beginning and I am confident that many other trucks had left the facilities at that same time going in other directions. It happens day after day, week after week—it’s why UPS exists.

As I arrived at the church building I thought of a similar thing that happens at Palm Beach Lakes. We arrive to worship together and then drive from this place throughout this area to deliver an even greater “package.” It happens week after week—it’s why PBL exists!

Some may see our assemblies as the end of our Christian life.  Such is not the case. Workers at UPS do not assemble just to learn of how great the company is. They do not assemble to just learn the rules governing delivery of packages. They do not assemble just to study the maps of the city. They do not assemble just to eat together and enjoy the social life. They assemble to prepare to do the work before them.

The same is true of worship. We do not assemble just to learn of the greatness of the church, to learn the rules which govern us, just to learn the paths that we should travel, nor just to enjoy the social time we spend with each other. Worship is designed as a time to learn, to be edified, and to grow. It is simply the place we assemble to prepare to do the work before us.

Worship is not an end within itself. When we finish worship we leave to begin manifesting the real reason we exist. Just as those men in the brown trucks leave the terminal, we leave the building to do His work. May we never forget this!

Had I seen just one UPS truck I might have been reminded of that company, but when I saw so many of them I could not help but think of all that they do. They bring joy as they deliver presents and bring life as they deliver medication. Now think of what can happen every week as hundreds of Christians leave worship to bring joy to the downtrodden and life to the dying.

When you arrive at worship this Sunday and begin to sing. Think of it as the beginning of the end of worship which is the beginning of our real purpose. It is the beginning of the end of the beginning!

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