Ukraine Credibility Crisis

Ukraine Credibility Crisis

The unimaginable horrors and unspeakable atrocities recently perpetrated upon the Ukrainian people by Putin’s forces, defy not only the imagination,but the ability to even begin to comprehend. Stories coming out of Ukraine regarding the brutal abuse, gang rape, and even murder of hundreds of innocent civilians – many of them found bound, gagged, and with bullet holes in their heads, still lying in the streets where they fell,or found buried in mass graves nearby – have garnered the strongest forms of condemnation from even the most patient and non-confrontational Americans. All the while, while the man behind it, lies to himself, lies to his leaders, lies to his nation, and lies to anyone else who will listen, in an all-out attempt to deny the truth despite the proof, and thus continue to try to justify His own bloody actions.

However, just as difficult to understand as the terrible, brutal, savage, and bloodthirsty butchery of innocents currently going on in Ukraine, is how so many Americans who so strongly – and rightfully so – condemn such atrocities on foreign soil, seem to have no problem with, but even militantly support, the same type of unthinkably terrible, brutal, savage, and bloodthirsty butchery of innocents that continues to take place on American soil to this day, just as it has–legally,and with the full blessing of many in our own government – since 1973.

How is that even possible? While I certainly by no means mean to play down or minimize one iota of the death, horror, devastation and destruction that is being perpetrated on innocent civilians in Ukraine on a daily basis, the fact of the matter is, that the war on innocent, pre-born people in our own country over the past 50 years has been far more devastating, even if in terms of just sheer casualty numbers alone! The number of confirmed civilian casualties in Ukraine, as reported by the Statista Research Department as of Apr 29, 2022, stood at 2,899. But even if, as anticipated, the actual number of those casualties is several times higher than that, it still stands in stark contrast to, and as only the slightest fraction of, the estimated 63,459,781 innocent pre-born people who have been brutally murdered in their mother’s wombs right here on American soil since 1973( And should one take but a few moments to explore the different methods by which such innocent pre-born people have been, and continue to be murdered, they will find them to be no more human, humane, or merciful, than the methods used to kill innocent victims in Ukraine.

Also in like manner: just as Vladimir Putin continues to outlandishly lie to himself and everyone else in the world in an effort to try to justify his systematic and genocidal slaughter of innocent people in the cities of Ukraine, why is that any different than those people who seek to justify their ongoing support for the genocidal slaughter of innocent people inside the wombs of their mothers right here in America, with phrases like “abortion rights?” Can we be totally honest with ourselves for a moment? It really doesn’t matter what your religion, my religion, or anyone else’s religion – or even a blatant and ignorant lack thereof – says; the only thing that matters is what the eternal word of the one true God of heaven says (Psa. 119:89; Jn. 17:17); the word of the one true and living God of heaven by which we shall all be judged (Jn. 12:48-50) – whether we like it or not, accept it or not, or believe it or not. And that word clearly and unequivocally tells us,that life begins at conception (Psa. 139:13-16). End of discussion.

But that’s not really anything new or unknown,even to those who support and seek to defend such murderous in-womb atrocities. In fact, every time one utters the word “abortion,” they confirm this very thing – whether they like it or not, accept it or not, or admit it or not. The word “abortion,” itself, means: to stop, or to end, that which has already begun, or started. Hence, one can only be said to abort a mission or a missile launch, once it has already begun, or started. To stop it before it begins would be to cancel, prevent, or postpone it –not to abort it.

Hence, whenever anyone, no matter who they are,uses the word “abortion,” they are admitting by default that what they are talking about is the definite, deliberate, and deadly stopping of a process– a life in this case – that has already begun. So; whenever one Putinesquely seeks to use such phrases as “abortion rights” in order to lie about, seek to justify, and/or deceive both themselves and the world around them as to what they are actually talking about, what they are really saying is, that they support one person’s right, to terminate, or end, the God-given and already begun life of another. (Even Putin’s “special military operation” phraseology bears more resemblance to the truth of what he’s doing in Ukraine, than what abortion supporters’ usage of the phrase “abortion rights” is intended to imply by them, when it comes to the murderous genocide they’re supporting and defending inside the wombs of pregnant mothers.)

But thank God we finally have some people in positions of power that matter in this country, who are actually willing to stand up, fight for, and righteously legislate against the ongoing slaughter and atrocities being perpetrated daily on innocent pre-born people right here in our own country. They need our love, support, and prayers, as they press firmly onward to rescue and deliver these innocent and otherwise defenseless babies. But they are not the only ones. We also need to pray fervently for those who “know not what they do” (Lk. 23:34) when it comes to the senseless slaughter of the innocent pre-born people which they have so ardently and militantly supported, defended, and helped to perpetrate over the past nearly 50 years.

In conclusion, and as we move forward, the bottom line though, is simply this: If you are someone, who is somehow okay, with the brutal, senseless, and ongoing slaughter of the innocent and defenseless– as well as the insidious lies told to try to somehow justify such -then please do not seek to insult everyone’s intelligence by condemning what Putin is doing in Ukraine. If, however, on the other hand, you find the brutal, senseless, and ongoing slaughter of the innocent and defenseless– as well as the insidious lies told to try to somehow justify such -to be so abhorrent as to cause your heart, soul, and mind to recoil in horror, then you cannot for one second,honestly be supportive of anyone espousing or defending the murder of innocents behind phraseology such as so-called “abortion,” or “reproductive” “rights.” One of the worst things a person can possibly do, for both their own personal reputation as well as others’ sakes, is to stand up and condemn the ongoing slaughter of thousands of innocent civilians in Ukraine on the one hand, while at the same time, continuing to militantly support the ongoing slaughter of millions of innocent pre-born people right here in America on the other. For to do so, is not only the absolute epitome of hypocrisy, but also to lose any and all personal credibility.

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