Two Groups Face Conviction

In 2 Timothy 3:16 Paul describes the profitability of
the gospel of Christ.  Among the things listed is the
word “reproof” which means “conviction” (the state of
being proven guilty).  In the New Testament there are
two notable occasions on which the message
preached actually convicted a whole group of

The first group was guilty of the crucifixion of Christ
(Acts 2:36).  Upon hearing this they were convicted
in their conscience and sought to correct the
situation (v. 37).

The second group was also guilty of the murder of
Christ (7:52).  Upon hearing this they also were
convicted in their conscience (v. 54); however,
instead of seeking to make the necessary correction,
they rejected the message preached and killed the
messenger (vv. 58-59).

Friends, which group do you fit in with?

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