Three Forgotten R’s of Righteousness

Three Forgotten R’s

There was a time when America led the world in scholarship.  But, now we do not rank in the top ten and, in some lists, struggle to be in the top twenty. What is the cause of this? What has changed? Years ago, we emphasized the three R’s of learning—readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic, but these fundamental skills no longer seem to be the focus of education. As far as our relationship with God, we have lost sight of three other R’s, and this has resulted in our religious chaos. Consider these three R’s of righteousness.

Enroll as scholars, all nations.

Enroll as scholars, all nations.


Those who stood at Mt. Sinai heard the voice of God and saw and felt His presence. They knew that God had spoken. Much later, those who were in the presence of Jesus heard His voice and saw the indisputable miracles He performed. They knew that when they heard the voice of Jesus they were hearing the voice of God. Those who received the writing of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Paul, James and Jude knew they held in their hands the words of God from the messengers of God.

Such was true of America in the past. Mainstream “Christianity” believed the Bible was His word. The vast majority of Americans read the Bible and heard it proclaimed as the final authority in the pulpits of the land. So much has changed. Preachers have become, at best, just social philosophers, and few worshippers even bring their Bibles to church. The truth is that we have lost sight of the fact that the Almighty God has spoken! We no longer respect His word. It is as though God has not fully revealed Himself to us in the Bible.


Many in our nation no longer realize the reality and consequences of sin. We joke about it. We are entertained by it in movies and television. We do not seek redemption for there is no realization of the final judgment. Morality is defined by what the majority do. There is no standard of right and wrong. There is almost no evil that will separate us from God. We no longer seek redemption, for no longer is there sin.


We have lost our way. When the Bible is ignored, ungodliness prevails, and we wander about in a maze of religious division and the darkness where God is ignored. What is our hope? Hear these ancient words given when Israel forgot that God has spoken and immorality reigned. “Ask for the old paths where the good way is and walk in it; then you will find rest for your souls” (Jer. 6:16). That’s simple. Return to God; return to a realization of sin; restore our belief in the fact that God has spoken. We must not lose sight of these three R’s!

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