The Greatest Command

How Great is Your Love?

We hear a lot about the greatest command (Matthew 22:37–38). We sing about it, pray about it, and preach about it. Yet it seems that few Christians really practice it. Selfishness, envy, pride, arrogance, vengeance, laziness, and indifference abound even among those who claim to be children of God.

Are we walking a life of love?

Are we walking a life of love?

Paul warns those who have been grafted into the vine to not be high minded and think that they can-not also be removed (Romans 11). We need to not think of ourselves more highly than we ought to think, but to be living sacrifices (Romans 12:3). Paul wanted all men to be saved and if that meant he would be lost so they all would be saved, then so be it (Romans 9:3).

Thanks be to God that Christ paid that price for us so that we could be saved. “Behold therefore the good-ness and severity of God” (Romans 11:22) Love good, hate evil, be kind, be busy, be joyful, be pa-tient, pray, give, be hospitable, bless, and overcome evil with good. Being a Christian and going to heaven is not a passive pursuit. Be obedient, be active, love, and be faithful!

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