The Church in Your Life

The Church in Your Life

What place does the church have in your life? A big place, a little place, or no place? Let me give you some reasons why you ought to let the church have a big place in your life.

1. We have the example of Jesus. He went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day, and as his custom was, worshipped the God of the ages (Lk. 4:16). If Jesus regularly needed worship, how much more do we?

2. When we worship we are reminded of our link with the Divine. Man’s fighting, fussing, feuding, striving, lusting, killing—all these show man to be one of envy and strife. But man is also a spirit. He longs for God, he worships God, he is dissatisfied with himself. In worship he is brought into fellowship with God and gains power to live a constructive life.

3. Through worship we pay homage to the one who redeemed us. God is our Creator. Jesus Christ is our Redeemer. We belong to God for both reasons. So we come to church to thank God for all that he had done for us. In his holy presence, we have no time for mischief, for cutting up, for disturbance; we have time only for reverence and thanksgiving.

4. In worship we have see Christians who teach us to join together and praise God. This is why we sing, “Blest be the tie that binds.”

5. We come to worship for rest. Just at we need physical food and eat three meals a day, so we need spiritual food and this we find in our worship of God. Here we are filled with God’s Word and the power that comes from His Word.

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