The Birth of the Future King

When the news from the palace came that Prince William and Kate Middleton were expecting, the world became obsessed with the birth of the future king. As the day approached, millions of people were aware of the birth and the arrival of the new prince was widely discussed. The media gathered at Saint Mary’s Hospital, and crowds around Buckingham Palace became increasing larger. The new heir to the throne was about to be born. Would that heir be a boy or a girl? How much would he weigh? What name should would be given him? Millions were fascinated about the coming king.

Years before this, there was another King who was born. His coming birth was announced, not months before, but hundreds of years before His arrival. The city where He would be born was even foretold, but King Herod was not even aware of where the birth would take place. There were some wise men from the east who were aware of His arrival, but there was little attention given by any others of what was happening.

In London, massive preparation was made for the birth of Prince George, but in Bethlehem, there was none. There was no royal birthing suit for the new King, for His first bed was a manger, and His first clothes were simply a cloth that was swaddled around Him. That birth in Bethlehem was almost unnoticed except by His mother and His earthly father.

There was an announcement of His birth, but not to those one might expect. It was told to shepherds in the fields and scarcely any details were given them. They were told it had happened in the city of David and that the new King would be found in a manger. That was all that was told, but these men rushed to Bethlehem and found Him who was to become the King of all kings and of all mankind. There was no media to herald His coming to the world, it was given to common men and was almost unnoticed by anyone else. What a contrast!

The world will watch the growth and development of Prince George. There will be pictures of him over the next decades. We will know which school he attends, and there will be speculation some day of his bride. That other King has a bride, but the world has little idea of her identity! This King and His bride have been mocked over the centuries since His coming.

What about you? Were you more aware this past week about the future king in London or that other King? Which of the two kings had more of your attention last week? That prince born in London will hardly impact your life, but that other King will affect you now and eternally. Do not ignore the birth of the only King who matters!

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