Spiritual Nutrition

Spiritual Nutrition

If you’ve watched the news any time lately, you’ve probably been aware of the new “epidemic” in our country. This epidemic isn’t caused by a virus; it isn’t caused by a bacteria; it isn’t caused by any “disease” at all. The new epidemic in our country, say the experts, is obesity. We are being told that we have a fat problem and that our society needs to do something about it! Much of our problem, say the experts, stems from poor nutrition: an imbalance in our diet, too much sugar and fat and not enough fiber and healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Another problem, they say, is that we eat too much and as a result of overeating we multiply pound upon pound.

What is your source of nutrition?  Are you healthy?

What is your source of nutrition? Are you healthy?

In contrast to our burgeoning physical waistlines, we are spiritually wasting away. Spiritually, we need to have a balanced diet as well; we need less spiritual sugar and fat; we need more spiritually healthy choices. It isn’t easy to give up a diet of sugar and fat, after all, they taste so good! Similarly, it isn’t easy to divorce ourselves from spiritual sugar and fat (i.e. the “feel good” approach to spirituality). So, how can we improve our spiritual diet?

First, we need a daily serving of prayer. We begin to grow weak spiritually when we think that we are self-sufficient and have no need to depend upon God. A daily serving of prayer is packed with the daily essential vitamins of humility, selflessness, and thankfulness. We need these to fight off the potential bulge of pride, selfishness, and arrogance. Paul wrote, “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Second, we need a heaping portion of God’s word. Every day we make decisions in our relationships that affect our family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances. We need nourishment of God’s word to guide us in such decisions. We also face temptation of one sort or another and we need the fortification of God’s word to help us to overcome. Jesus quoted scripture to Satan when he was tempted and we know that God’s word will help us overcome temptation (Psalm 119:11).

Third, we need a regular dose of service to others. There are many around us who need help. It’s not enough for us to sit back and relax and wait for them to come to us. We need to be active in going out and seeing how we can help others. Galatians 5:13 says, “For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.” Exercising service in our life will keep us spiritually fit.

Finally, we need to pour ourselves several cups of a good attitude. Attitude makes all the difference in our daily walk with God. Regardless what we may believe, we have complete control over our attitude regardless how things are going in life and we must conform our attitude toward God’s will. What must we do? Show love toward our fellow man, exercise patience, practice longsuffering and generously give forgiveness to those around us. Jesus said, “In your patience possess ye your souls” (Luke 21:19). We need constantly drink from the water of life to help our attitudes!

So many in today’s spiritual world want to satiate themselves with spiritual soda pop and candy. And while there certainly isn’t anything wrong wtih having soda pop or candy on certain occasions, a regular diet of it will cause sickness and mal-health. Such is also true spiritually; spiritual fast food may taste good at first, but cannot ultimately satisfy. Exercising spiritually healthy choices, however, will maintain a healthy spiritual life and fortify us with the basic essential spiritual nutrients. This will go a long way toward our spiritual health and well being.

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