Self Confidence or Hunger for God?

Self Confidence or Hunger for God?

Some folks get so full of themselves that they never hunger for God. In fact, they put themselves in the place of God in order to fill their own desires. No matter how much wealth, affluence, and power one attains these things will not, and cannot, sustain us or save us in the day of God’s great wrath.

Hunger God

Do you hunger for God? Or are you distracted?

Do we put our faith and trust in the things of this earth and ourselves? Or are we putting our trust in the Lord? How are you doing what is right and truly beneficial and what are you doing proactively to ensure you are laying up treasures in heaven?

This is the only way to ensure God’s spiritual blessings in our lives? We see the loving kindness of God in his willingness to forgive the sins of wicked men who will repent, make restitution, and do the things which He has commanded. In fact, God says, “None of his sins that he hath committed shall be mentioned…” (Ezekiel 33:16). The people of God are reminded that to simply hear without being obedient is not enough. And the preacher is encouraged in that his duty is to be true to the message of God and preach it faith-fully.

If the people of God refuse to do the things He has commanded they will each answer for themselves. Likewise, shepherds are warned that failing to feed the sheep will result in the wrath of God upon the unfaithful stewards. But alas, God promises to shower blessings upon his people. God is good! God is great! Praise be unto the Lord! Be faithful.

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