Rule of Happiness


Let Happiness Rule in Your Life!

Let Happiness Rule In Your Life!

Rule # 1 Live a simple life. Don’t plan too many things each day. Be temperate and moderate in lifestyle.

Rule # 2 Spend less than you earn. This may be difficult to do, but it pays big dividends in contentment and peace of mind.

Rule # 3 Think constructively. Store useful thoughts in your mind. As one thinks in his heart–so is he.

Rule # 4 Cultivate a flexible disposition. Resist the tendency to want your own way. Try to see another person’s point of view.

Rule # 5 Be grateful. Begin each day with a prayer of thanksgiving for all your blessings. Let God know you are grateful.

Rule # 6 Rule your moods. Your mental attitude is all important in living at peace with others.

Rule # 7 Give generously. Intelligent giving of your time, talents, personality, and money will bring great joy.

Rule # 8 Work with the right motives. Seek to grow in favor with God and man, seeking his will first in your life.

Rule # 9 Be interested in others. As we serve others, we reap happiness as a by-product of a life of self giving.

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