Psalm 19: Can I Buy Your Bible?

Psalm 19: Can I Buy Your Bible?

Just how many Bibles have been printed since Gutenberg invented the printing press? The number is staggering. Over 5,000,000,000 Bibles have been printed. To appreciate this number, consider that the world’s population is fast approaching   7,800,000,000. So, could I buy your Bible?

Psalm 19 buy

Would you sell your Bible?

The stipulation in the purchase would be that you would never again have a Bible—it would in no way ever influence your life again. Let me ask you ask again, how much would you sell your Bible for?

You know the beginning of Psalm 19 states that the heavens declare the glory of God, but it does not stop there. The second half of the psalm shows how, that without a Bible, there is no way anyone would ever know His will for us.

The Bible is described as being perfect, sure, right, pure, clean, desired, more valuable than the finest gold, sweeter than honey, warning about evil, giving great reward, keeping us from error, understanding error, cleansing us from secret sin and keeping us from presumptuous sin. Before answering my question, read the second half of this psalm to see what you would be losing if you sold me your Bible.

This description of the Bible found in the last half of the psalm does not end with those attributes listed above. It also converts our souls, brings great wisdom, causes our hearts to rejoice, enlightens our eyes in a world of darkness, teaches us about truth and righteousness, keeps sin from having dominion over us, allows us to stand innocent before God—the list seems endless. So, let me ask again, can I buy your Bible?

What would your world be like without your Bible? Change the positive attributes into negative ones. It would imperfect, no conversion, no surety, no wisdom, no knowledge of right, no joy, no enlightenment, no association with eternal truth, no understanding of righteousness, no eternal gold, no fine gold, no sweetness, no reward, no knowledge of error, dominated by sin, standing before God with all our guilt.  Are you sure you will sell me your Bible?

David was a man after God’s own heart. He only had access to nine books of the Bible, yet look at how he treasured it. Imagine how he would treasure it if he had the sixty-six books of the Bible you have!

One final thought. What if there were no Bible in your language? What if you were illiterate and could not read the one you have? Think of what you would never have in your life? Yet, in reality, what is the difference in not having a Bible and never reading the one you have? You can know that God exists by looking at His glorious heaven and earth, but real understanding will never come until you read the Bible you have!

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