Solomon said, “Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is wisdom” (Prov. 13:10).  Now, some believe that there is good pride such as being proud to be called a child of God and praise Him or when you take pride knowing that you have a family that loves you so.  However, foolish pride has the ability to raise contentions or discord within families, towns, countries and even the Church.  Unfortunately, one who has this pride has emptied himself of knowledge and wisdom.  He becomes impatient to others opinions and desires and seeks to compete with many.  Now, because of the characteristics of foolish pride, quarrels comes with people seeking revenge, who will not forgive others and who have lost the art to say, “I was wrong.”

pride leads to the undoing of man

Pride leads to the undoing of man.

Now, there are such who are humble and modest who will seek the counsel of God and will ask advice from those who are superior to them in knowledge and understanding.  By doing this, we show that we are willing to humble ourselves.  That we are able to yield before God and be ones who are peaceable because we seek such wisdom.  So, guard yourself against pride.  If you find yourself arguing, examine your life and see if there is pride.  If so, be willing to admit your mistakes.

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