Preaching Revelation

Preaching Revelation

Have you always wanted to teach the book of Revelation but felt too intimidated to do so? This book will help you unravel the great mysteries therein. Whether you want to preach, teach, or just learn what the book is about, you will find this volume a helpful guide in learning the signs, symbols, numbers, and flow of the last book of the Bible.

In this book, Kevin Cauley guides you through the text in a practical way looking at both the big picture and how the elements all work together. The book of Revelation will unfold before you as you study the cross-references embedded in the text and discover their relationship. It does not matter if you are a Bible scholar or a Bible beginner. This book will help you understand what Revelation means and how it applies to your life.

This is an excellent book for teen and adult Bible classes. The chapters are broken down into easily understandable sections that will help you see the structure and flow of the book, and the end of each chapter has a set of ten discussion questions for further thought. These are designed to help the student engage the text of the book of Revelation and learn the key elements.

Preaching Revelation is a volume born out of years of work and study and a lifetime of learning. If you are looking for a orthodox handling of the text, you will not go wrong with this book.

(Church of Christ Articles does not receive compensation or provide content for any books the authors write.  Kevin Cauley is an outstanding scholar of the Word of God.  As with all authors on the site, he is not inspired, and therefore has different approaches of interpretation regarding some topics.  Consider the thoughts he has compiled in his study and presentation, then grow closer to God!)

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