Our Place in the Family of God

Our Place and Service in the Family of God

“God is not a God of confusion but of peace” (1 Corinthians 14:33). God is a God of order. His children all have a job to do and a place to keep. And when sin defiles the family it must be dealt with in order for continued harmony and productivity. We need to first evaluate the condition of our relationship with God, cleanse ourselves, find our place, and be faithful in carrying out our work for the Lord.

Your place in the family of God is an important one.

Your place in the family of God is an important one.

How blessed the Christian is today to be living  under a better covenant with a superior sacrifice. Too often we take this for granted and even though God does not require the same outward cleansing or offerings of sacrifice today that He did under the Mosaic Law, He still does require an inward cleansing and a circumcision of the heart. He requires a living sacrifice and demands our best for His glory and honor. We should each evaluate our lives and do what needs to be done to be conformed to the image of His dear Son.

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