Nobody’s Perfect


To be perfect is a divine achievement.

To be perfect is a divine achievement.

Did you watch the 2011 Super Bowl?  Wow, what a game!  The Patriots were trying to do something that only one other NFL team has ever accomplished, and the Giants were out to prove that they not only belonged in the big game, but that they could beat the unbeatable.  The Patriots were undefeated; they were one win away from a perfect season. As the clock was winding down, they were even winning…that is, until the Giants spoiled their quest with a game-winning touchdown with 35 seconds left.  Yet, even if the Patriots had won, they would not have been perfect.  Why I’m sure that if you were to look at the stats for the whole year you would find that at some point they had incomplete passes and interceptions, fumbles and missed field goals, penalties and injuries (etc.).

It strikes me that life is a lot like that.  Our successes were not flawless and our failures were not always the worst of the worst.  The simple fact is, no matter how much we may succeed, we’re simply not perfect.  I am reminded of that when I read passages like Romans 3:23, which says, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” or James 3:2 which says, “For we all stumble in many things…”  While that is no license to sin, it is a reminder that we are weak and frail creatures who are in constant need of a Savior.  Christ is perfect, and we will be perfected in Him if we obey Him and are faithful to the very end (1 Thess. 5:23)…and that is a victory we can win!

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