A Million Days of Life

How Long is Time?

There’s an old saying, Another day, another dollar; a million days, a million dollars. But do you know how long a million days are? Hold your breath! You would have to live 2,739 years to live a million days!

Have time enough for a million years of days?  What would you do with it?

Have time enough for a million years of days? What would you do with it?

Actually, the Bible suggest we have three-score years and ten to live. That is seventy years or about 25,000 days. A magazine article once suggested that teenagers will live, on the average, one hundred years and your children might well live until they reach the ripe old age of one hundred fifty. The author of the article suggested that old age is just a disease and we have a right to expect science to conquer this disease as well as many others.

Of course, nobody wants to die. Life is wonderful and the more of it we have, the better. Yet, how well you live is much more important than how long you live. Jesus was only thirty-three, but look at the mark He made upon the     world. ?Oh, yes, you say, but He was God’s Son. True. And we will never match Him. But, we are also God’s children—in a different sense, of course—but we, too, can fill life full of great living—in our way.

How? Here are some ideas in brief. Suppose you add some others. Talk this over with your friends:

1. Conquer the inner frustrations that keep you unhappy—the fears, the doubts, the inner turmoil. Become emotionally stable.

2. Respect yourself, but learn to live for others. The selfish life is an unhappy life. Minister to others; serve; give yourself away.

3. Be sensitive to the things of the spirit. Walk with God. Confess your sins and receive God’s forgiveness.

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