Mark the Word of God

Mark My Word!

There are many approaches to God’s Word among men these days. The atheist says it is just a production of man and that there is no God. The agnostic sees enough evidence to doubt the atheist but not enough to believe that the Bible is the product of an all-powerful God. The denominational world twists, misinterprets, and misapplies God’s Word. The liberal-minded sees it only as a love letter and lives by only those Scriptures they deem relevant. The radical reads more into the text than what is there and binds what God has not. One thing is true, it is absolutely essential that all men take the word of God seriously!

The Word of God will be accomplished, regardless of how men view it.

The Word of God will be accomplished, regardless of how men view it.

Jesus said that the Word of God is what will judge us in the last day (John 12:48). He told his disciples that while heaven and earth would pass away “my words shall not pass away” (John 21:33). It is interesting that Jesus speaks these words immediately after his prophecy of the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem. In other words, Jesus says, “Mark my words.” Later Peter proclaims his undying loyalty to which Jesus says, “Mark my words; you will deny me.” After Peter does indeed deny the Lord he “remembered the word of the Lord.”

How many men will continue to ignore the warnings of Jesus and be lost? Will we be faithful to our calling and responsibility to know, live, and spread God’s word?

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