Man Becomes a 7th-Day Adventist by Reading the Book of Mormon!

We have been so blessed by hearing Glenn Colley this week. He has made everyone who has heard him think! The title of this article is not mine; it comes from a powerful point he made in his lesson on Sunday morning. By the way, if you want to hear that lesson, it is available on our website—you need to hear it!

It is amazing how the most profound truth becomes so obvious with the simplest statement. Think for just a moment! When you read the title of this article, what was your reaction? Do you really think one would ever become an Adventist (or any other denominational title) by reading the Book of Mormon? Has there ever been even one occasion where anyone ever became a Mormon without this book being part of his teaching? The truth is that it takes more than the Bible to make one a Mormon.

Now if that is true, would one ever become a Seventh-Day Adventist without being taught by another Adventist or reading literature published by them? In order to become an Adventist, the writings of Ellen G. White must be taught. Think about it! It takes more than the Bible to make one a Seventh-Day Adventist.

I once asked a Jehovah’s Witness the following, “If I just read the Bible for the entirety of my life, would I ever become a Jehovah’s Witness?” His answer was amazing. “The odds against it happening are one-in-a-million.” He missed the odds—it would never happen—but what an admission about what it takes for one to become a Witness. If you just had the Bible, you would never arrive at the teachings of the Witnesses!

Now apply that to all religions. What  influences must there be in one’s life to be a Catholic? A Methodist? A Christian Scientist? A Seventh-Day Baptist (yes, they do exist right here in this county)? An Episcopal? A Baptist? A Presbyterian? Any denominationalist?

Now think of the following. What would one become if he just read the Bible? What would govern his morality? What would he believe about worship? What would he teach his neighbors? What religious name would he wear? What would he call the church?

You know, when it all began, all those early Christians had was the teaching of the apostles and prophets, and there were no denominations. Now since we have those same teachings, wonder what would happen if we just read the Bible alone! Think about it!

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