Is it a Sin to get a Sex Change Operation?

One of the guys at work will become a woman next week. Is this wrong in God’s eyes? Many people who change gender have more chromosomes of the opposite sex than of the sex they are. People I work with compare this to birth defects. I need some scriptures and help with this issue.

There are rare cases where children are born with a fa�ade of male sexual organs externally, but have female sexual organs internally. Such a situation usually is very painful for the developing child, and would be the only situation in which this kind of surgery would be appropriate, in my opinion. Even in this situation, though, one is not speaking of having a “sex change” operation, but merely identifying the true biological sex of the child as defined by the organs that are present in the child. This is not the same as a person who already has a full set of organs of one sex or another.

Suggesting that because one has more female chromosomes than male chromosomes means that one may embark upon a sex change operation is simply ludicrous. If one had more of the one kind of chromosome than the other, then one would be the other sex, and not have to pursue a “change” in sex. In fact, biologically, we all have more female chromosomes than male chromosomes. That is the way that sex selection works. The male “seed” determines the sex of the child by supplying either an “X” or “Y” chromosome within the male’s “seed.” Female children are produced when the male supplies an “X” chromosome. Male children are produced when the male supplies a “Y” chromosome. Females only supply “X” chromosomes to their egg. This one tiny difference determines whether the child will be male or female. Other than that, there are not that many differences in the male and female chromosome. So it is silly for someone to state that one has more “female” chromosomes than “male” as it is true of all.

As far as the Bible teaching on the subject, God made both males and females. He made them to be who they are. In essence what one is doing when having a sex change operation is saying that they know better than God what sex they should be. Such an attitude is filled with sinful pride. Deuteronomy 22:5 also would speak to this situation. If it is sinful for a man to wear women’s clothing, then it would be sinful for a man to change one’s sex to become a woman. Note also 1 Corinthians 6:9, 10 as well. Those who are “effeminate” will not inherit God’s kingdom. It is sinful to pursue having a sex change operation.

One must ask, however, what the purpose of such a change is. Is one seeking to simply be what one thinks one ought to be, or is one seeking to pursue a lifestyle of sinfulness? I submit that the true purpose is the latter. Those intentionally seeking such changes usually are intent upon using such changes to engage in lascivious behavior. No one has a right to pursue such a purpose and expect to be blessed by God. Illicit sexual activity is sinful and those who pursue such will not be part of God’s kingdom (Galatians 6:19-21).

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