If She Only Had a Brain

Have you ever seen the movie the “Wizard of Oz”?  Surely you have, it’s an all-time classic.  O.K., O.K., maybe you are one of the ten or so who hasn’t seen it; but surely you’ve heard of it.  Perhaps you remember the scarecrow who sang, “If I only had a brain.”

This song reminds me of a story about an atheistic school teacher who was trying to explain evolution to a class of 6-year-olds.  She said, “Tommy, do you see the tree outside?”  “Yes,” said Tommy.  The teacher asked, “Tommy, do you see the grass outside?”  Again, Tommy said, “Yes.”  The teacher said, “Can you see the sky.”  Tommy said, “Yes.”  The teacher asked, “Did you see God?”  Tommy said, “No.”  “That’s my point,” said the teacher, “We can’t see God because He isn’t there.”  A little girl spoke up and wanted to ask Tommy some questions.  The teacher agreed, and the little girl asked, “Tommy, do you see the tree outside?”  Tommy said, “Yes.”  She asked, “Tommy, do you see the grass outside?”  Tommy, getting tired of the questions by this time, said, “Yes.”  She asked, “Tommy, do you see the teacher?”  Tommy said, “Yes.”  She asked, “Do you see her brain?”  Tommy said, “No.”  She asked, “Does that mean she doesn’t have one?”

Good question.  Remember friends, “…faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things not seen” (Heb. 11:1).

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