Humbling and Exalting

Humbling and Exalting

In Romans, chapter one, we are told that “since the creation of the world [God’s] invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made” (Vs. 20), and that it is therefore both foolish and fatal to live in denial thereof (See vss. 18-22). Psalm 19 conveys to us a very similar message. From both of these passages it is clear that we can come to understand God’s order, pattern, and consistency in the spiritual realm (which we cannot see), because of the consistency which He has displayed in His creation (or the physical realm), which we are exposed to and experience every day.

Think He isn't there?  Creation declares His power and He will humble.

Think He isn’t there? Creation declares His power and He will humble.

For example, we are all probably familiar with the phrase, “What goes up must come down.” This truth, which some in the scientific community might refer to as the “law of gravity,” is simply God’s institution of a reliable reality given to govern his created, physical universe. Likewise, the heavens and their workings, including the revolving pattern of day and night as well as the circuit of the sun, simply cannot be corrupted or interrupted in any way by mankind’s desires or designs (Ps. 19:1-7).

These “laws” are completely consistent, unshakable, and unbreakable by man. They are going to happen. You can count on them every time. Hence and because of that, we can also know for an absolute fact, that God’s laws governing the spiritual realm are just as certain, consistent, well-grounded, and un-get-aroundable (Ps. 19:8-14).

One of those always present, always consistent, “un-get-aroundable” laws of God given in governance of His spiritual world, is that whenever one of His children seeks to exalt themselves, God Himself, will see that they are humbled – no exceptions. It happens every time. It is only when one really, truly, honestly and sincerely humbles themselves, willfully becoming the lowly and subjected servant that He desires them to be, that God Himself will then make sure that He personally exalts them (Prov. 17:10-19, 27:2; Matt. 23:12; Lk. 14:11, 18:14; 1 Peter 5:5-11).

Go back and carefully re-read and study Mark 10:35-45. Let the text really sink in. Then consider how even the perfectly sinless and divine Son of the living God Himself was not immune from this law of God. Although He never sinned by seeking to exalt Himself as we so often try to do, it was precisely because of His complete and utter humbling of Himself that He was so highly and finally exalted by God (Phil. 2:1-16). If we are constantly encountering nothing but strife, upheaval, and indignation in our daily efforts (Matt. 20:20-28), maybe it’s time to ask ourselves: Who’s doing the humbling – and who’s doing the exalting?


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